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Various Pizzas in Places near Me

pizza places near meWho does not know pizza in places near me? Foods with a flat and around the shape and in general we enjoy with family and friends. At first, the first known pizza was originated in Italy as an offering to the queen. After the history, the pizza is known in many parts of the world. This causes the adjustment of flavors and variants pizza according to the characteristics of each region. Today, pizza is eaten also only offers the sensation of salty or sour, but also pizza with a sweet taste. Are you curious?

Kinds of Pizzas in Places near Me

First is Margherita pizza in places near me. This kind of pizza was invented in mid 1889 by a Neapolitan chef, Raffaele Esposito. He made the honor pizza Margherita, queen of Italy. Pizza is made with simple, thin bread topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and basil. Raffaele make pizza toppings to reflect the colors of the Italian flag. As a result, the queen Margherita particularly liked the homemade pizza Raffaele, and then he set the name of the queen as a pizza to remember her name.

Second is Tarter Flambee. This pizza is coming from France is not much different from Italian pizza. Because the pizza has the same concept with the Margherita pizza which has a savory flavor and acid, French bread dough made of thin and topped with sour cream, mushrooms, bacon, and cheese. However, the presentation of the Tarte Flambee should not solely anyway, because the topping is used can be varied according to taste. Wafers can also be enjoyed with a sweet taste with apple, cinnamon and cooked using alcohol which has a sweet aroma. Then, it is Bulgogi. It is one of delicious food in Korea. Food is from beef and usually made of soy sauce seasoning, spices, vegetables, and sugar. It is delicious. Bulgogi pizza is made of bread and savory and sprinkled with kimchi. Thus, are you curious looking for those pizzas in places near me?

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