Healthy Food Recipes

Smoothie Recipes for Your Health

Healthy Food RecipesSmoothie is one of the favored drinks to consume for all ages, made of blended fruits and vegetables. The process is by blending the main ingredients until becoming smooth and can be added to yogurt, ice cream, syrup, honey, and other ingredients you like. As smoothies are so favored, easy and special smoothie recipes can be practiced alone at home. Since fruits and vegetables as ingredients are easy to find and the equipment to use is only by using a blender, you can make your sweet healthy smoothies alone. Below is the easy way of recipes of this healthy drink you can follow at home.

The Preparations To Make Smoothie Recipes

If you have prepared with your ingredients and the equipment, what you can do is that to make the first of smoothie recipes; Red Smoothie: Put 100 mL of plain milk or plain yogurt into a blender. Add 100 grams of raspberries that have been cleaned, 175 grams of strawberry and 50 grams of melon that have been peeled and cut into pieces. Blend them until smooth, pour the smoothie into a glass or put on a container. Second to make Yellow Smoothie from tropical fruit. The steps are you need to put 100 ml of pineapple or orange juice into a blender. Add 100 mL of plain milk or plain yogurt. After that, add a banana, 50 grams of peeled pineapple and 50 grams of peeled mango that have been cut into pieces as well. For another complement, you can add a little-grated ginger if you like to. Blend until it is smooth to be served into a beautiful glass.

After you finish making smoothies, you can make other creations into the smoothie recipes with various complement you want, like yogurt and milk in order to increase its nutritional value, which is not found in the fruits and vegetables.

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