Available Learnerships

Requirements of Learnerships 2017

Available LearnershipsNew learnerships for the next year are now arranged by some companies for their CSR. Learnerships 2017 will be available once they are released to the public, and the announcement is usually so sudden and quick. That actually means students need to pay attention to the notification given to the school or through their websites regarding the opportunity to get learnerships. It is essential to understand that apart from such condition, learnerships also have a strict requirement. The reason is because companies only want to pay the tuition fee for diligent and passionate students. They are reliable persons that can continue the struggle of people in the country.

Completing Learnerships 2017

The first requirement that students should fulfill is related to paperwork. That is to say, there are some documents that are needed by the company before conducting deeper analysis and observation towards the students. Some documents required are a copy of matric, certificates of some essential skills such as math, English, and computer. Those documents should be copied and that copy will be given to the officials while registering online. Currently, most learnerships program only requires an internet connection for those data, but there will also be hard-copy data submission after students are accepted for learnerships 2017.

Continuing to another requirement, it is essential to understand that learnerships 2017 are even more competitive. There are some tests that may drive students crazy including the interview section. However, there is no need to worry because students can practice doing interview beforehand. Additionally, it is necessary to own other useful skills apart from those requiring the smart brain to work. Drawing is one skill which is quite useful for increasing students’ opportunity to get the learnerships. Those are all several things that student should note before applying for learnerships in the next year. That way, it is possible to get all benefits without a problem.

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