full body silicone baby

The Problems In Full Body Silicone Baby Boy

full body silicone babyAs the impact of the development in technology, nowadays, people could copy themselves into their replication. As for the baby’s, it is called silicone baby. Based on gender, as human’s, there are two types of them, full body silicone baby boy and girl. Both have near similarity with human’s real baby. As the length it is in average at 55cm, where’s the weight is about 3 kg. As other invention, this product is also get pros and contras reaction among people. Some say it is helpful for nursery activities and it is unique to be packed as kid’s gift. Some other say if it is containing potentially harmful, for example could impact the cybercrime.

The Problems And The Solution In Full Body Silicone Baby Boy

Many full body silicone baby boy are made by hand. Of course, some of them are made in factory scale whose quality control staff to make sure the details of specification. But in hand made model, people should consider the availability of wrinkle, spot, and capillarity. It is small thing but has potentially damaging the model in the future. The spot and the wrinkle will make the appearance uglier. In short, its material should be played at attention. To make sure it is made by quality and soft materials are advised since it will contact to their bodies tightly.


If people buy full body silicone baby boy at online store, they may ask the administrator for the service if damages happen in the future. To make sure the length of guarantee is suggested too.  As for them who buy the model in conventional store, they should ask the shop keeper first about the details in damaging handling. As for the handling at home, people can put the body into the cabinet nicely, and the place should have good air circulation enough to avoid the humidity increases.

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