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Pisces Birthstone Moonstone Functions

pisces birthstoneWhat is your zodiac? If it is Pisces, you are reading the right article. Pisces birthstone moonstone is one of the stone from Pisces that will beautify your appearance. If you are one of the birthstone lovers; you should know about the function if this beautiful moonstone. There is one function that is famous around the world. The use of the stone is also different from one country to another. So, to know further information and explanation about the function of moonstone; you can see the following paragraphs.

The Function Of Pisces Birthstone Moonstone

The moonstone of Pisces birthstone is famous to help menstrual cramps and menopause. So, it is usually used by women until they old. Another function that is believed by people in Arab is it will help fertility. Therefore, they sewed the moonstone on their cloth. However, in another country like India; moonstone is a holy stone. However, although this Pisces birthstone moonstone is famous for women; it still can be worn by men as well. You can wear the stone as your ring or ornament on your clothes. You know, in ancient time, moonstone believed has the power of prophecy; that is why sometimes men in that time we’re wearing women’s cloth and place the stone in their mouth and see the future.

So, do you believe that function of moonstone? If you do, it is OK you can try the moonstone and see your future as well. This moonstone from Pisces birthstone is beautiful with its moon shape. You can have the stone to make a gorgeous jewelry for your own then. If you are a man, you can purchase the moonstone as a gift for your special one. So, that is all about the Pisces birthstone moonstone information and function for you.

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