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Indonesia Travel Guide for You

travel to indonesiaIs it the first time for you to visit Indonesia? Then, you may like to get some information about Indonesia travel guide. You may have known that Indonesia is such a large country with a lot of islands. It is inevitable that Indonesia has something unique to provide for any kind of visitors. You can find cool white sands, strident volcanoes of Bali, untouched lands of Sumatra as well as the vibrant of its capital city; Jakarta. Then, what we need to prepare and what we need to do when we are going to visit Indonesia?

Best Indonesia Travel Guide for Any Traveler

First of all, you should consider about your budget before coming to Indonesia. You should not forget to consider some typical costs including transportation, accommodation, and food. In the case of food, local food is certainly cheap. You should try any local street food when you are in Indonesia. Second, in any Indonesia travel guide, they will remind you to consider your activities as well. For your information, attractions are not highly costly in Indonesia. Moreover, in the case of the budget, when you are in Indonesia, it will be better for you to practice bargaining especially when you come to such traditional market. It will be a pretty good practice to save your money.

Meanwhile, you should consider about what you are going to do as well. Since Indonesia is divided into so many regions, you may need so many years to finish exploring Indonesia. Thus, you can choose some of the best places in Indonesia. You may like to consider about relaxing in Bali or consider diving in the Gili Islands. If you like something more challenging, you may like to see Komodo Dragons in the Komodo National Park. That’s all some of Indonesia travel guide that can be shared with you.

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