small house design ideas

Family Small House Plan Modern Design Ideas

small house design ideasIf you already marry someone you love, you surely have a house to live now. To start a family, usually, you choose a small house rather than a big one. So, you are searching for a small house plan modern for the family now. A small house will feel like a paradise for your small family if you start to think a room or more room for your children in the future. However, if you want to spend your lifetime only with your spouse, you do not need some extra room then. So, below are the tips for extra rooms design for a family in a small house.

Extra Rooms for Family Small House Design Ideas

If you spend your budget only for a small house, you can try to squash your brain to get extra rooms. You can add a second floor or even third floor for the attic. It is the first idea. Then, you can try to buy minimalist furniture that can be multifunction such as a bookshelf that can be a separate wall for an extra room. You may use your living room to put the bookshelf in the middle. What do you think about that extra room idea for small house plan modern?

If you have a wide yard, you can add extra room easily. If you do not want to ruin the panorama of gardening on your yard; therefore, build a gazebo then. A gazebo can become a living room. Then, your real living room can be used for other. You can add fire pit near your gazebo to make it more interesting. If you have a kid in the future, he or she will have more space for playing. Those are the family small house plan modern for you. Add your own ideas to make it better.

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