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Diarrhea: Cause and Ways to Prevent It

Health careWhat do you think about diarrhea? It is one of the common diseases which can attack all people in all ages. For the sufferer of diarrhea, indeed they will feel unpleasant and inconvenient. In the US itself, for adult, they have diarrhea approximately 4 times a year. Meanwhile, the children who reach age 5 have 7 to 15 cases of diarrhea. It means that this disease is very common so that you need to know more about the cause and the ways to prevent it as below.


For the causes of diarrhea itself, there will be some things that you must notice. There are stress, medication, and food. Nonetheless, this disease also can be a signal or the symptom of another disease.

Then, for those who have diarrhea is caused by there is bacterias which enter the body so that you often go to the toilet. As it is known that not all bacterias are good so that when it is a bad one, the digestive system diarrhea will occur.

Ways to Prevent It

Here, to reduce the risk of this disease, there will be some things that you can do. To begin with, you need to cook meat, eggs, and the other food completely so that there are no any bacteria which can cause diarrhea. If you cook it well, indeed the bacteria will die. Besides, you need to clean the food first so that you have a good food to be eaten.

After that, all of the things relating to the food like the utensils and the kitchen itself should be clean as well. It is very important ti be done since if the place where you cook is very dirty, your food can be dirty as well. Also, when the utensils used is dirty, it will be bad for the food.

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