clash royale hack

What is Clash Royale Genre?

clash royale hackSupercell development had done the soft launch of Clash Royale. The Clash Royale has card and base game genre. That is different with other gamers which are from supercell. If Clash of Clans (another game from Supercell) ask the gamers to use their creativity building town hall, the Clash Royale ask the creativity to arrange cards. This game is a multiplayer game online.

The Mechanism of Clash Royale

The winner of this game will get a crown which is counted based on the destroyed towers. When the gamers succeed to destroy a queen tower, they will get 3 crowns. Also, Clash Royale destroy king tower, they destroy the 2 queen towers too. Thus, by destroying the king tower, they will get 3 crowns automatically. Nevertheless, when they destroy only queen tower, it doesn’t mean that it will destroy the king tower.

The gamers can open crown box filled with cards and gold by collecting 10 crowns in a day. Thus, they should collect the crowns. Every hour, they will get the box and each box has different classes. The fill of the box depends on the box rate. To open the best box, we will take a long time. The gamers will get random boxes so it is possible to get the same boxes. However, don’t be afraid because the same card from the same clans can also increase the level. The more you collecting the same card, the more you will get strong clans. Moreover, the gamers follow the development of the clans. To increase the level, we have to pay with the elixir. The highest level will be the most expensive. Also, the greater you have clans, the greater gold that must be spent by the gamers. Basically, Clash Royale hack is as successful as the previous game COC. This game will spoil the online game lovers from around the world.

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