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Best Car 2016 to Consider

best car to buyWe are getting close to the end of 2016, and there have been so many interesting cars that anyone can choose. Just like earlier time in 2015, the market is quite dynamic by the show of some cars from different lineups ranging from sports car to family cars. However, family cars are still dominating as noted in the top list of best car 2016. The reason why it is possible is because there are people who need family cars in the US than those who want to purchase a car just for show. Additionally, it is all about the price because family cars tend to be cheaper compared to sports cars.

Best Car 2016 from Different Lineup

Considering the best car is rated through score in some automobile forums, there are two major lineups that can be picked. First of all, it is the sedan. The sedan is quite a powerful lineup because it is more elegant, sporty and worthy to be seen in the city. Some people prefer sedan regardless of the size of the family because of just first-impression. Best car 2016 from sedan lineup is then dictated by its features and driving convenience. There are some reviews about each car, and that mark the noted driving impression which can be used as reference before purchasing a new car.

The next lineup is SUV. This one is more powerful and dependable in various road condition. The problem with this car is because of its size which is quite annoying when driving on small roads. Additionally, it is also important to note that SUVs are generally fuel-thirsty because of its weight. Regardless of that fact, SUVs can still be considered as best car 2016 because of its versatility. Moreover, SUVs also come in various trims with customization for completing the function of the car. That way, it improves the driving experience greatly.

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