Android KitKat IT Review

yunarwinardi.comAndroid is an operating system developed by Google has launched the Android v 4.4 named KitKat; we have explored some of the advantages and shortcomings inherent in the operating system Android KitKat. Various features provided by the Android OS KitKat is one of them is the improvement of storage systems while the use of memory, in which the processor performance has been minimized to the storage of registry data temporarily in RAM and will directly at capacity by the capacity of internal memory available, so loading the processor will feel lighter. Listen in detail and clearer about the advantages and disadvantages of Android KitKat

IT Review of the Advantages Android 4.4 KitKat

Color transparent display wrap virtual button on a touch screen, so the display looks the same color with the color of the wallpaper used. Google Now app emerged as one part of a panel home screen, making it easier to use. In the features that Google has changed the App drawer background, KitKat from previous version black becomes transparent. For the size of the menu icon on Android, KitKat has been deliberately made larger, so it is very convenient to be operated by the users.

In the widget, Google has given page views menu that looks simple to get rid of the Apps tab through offline mode. KitKat Android OS has the latest innovations battery saver system, with built-in power saving mode which certainly aims to conserve the battery from the use of native Android system. Android 4.4 KitKat has an ability to improve memory in smartphones that can improve the responsiveness of the touchscreen display of your device. The most interesting thing of the advantages is we should be proud is the support processor as supporting devices have been using tri-core, so it has high speed in generating capacity. Read some IT articles at

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